Cătălina & Padme + Summer


How adorable is this? Not one, but two teckels. Two playful, curious and friendly teckels.

Cătălina is overwhelmed with love whenever she arrives home. We know that for sure, after a few hours spent with them.

Summer and Padme, mother and daughter, 6 years old and 2 years old.  You can’t  get enough of them, seriously.

One is the lap sitting and kissing type and the other is the more playful and energetic type. Can you guess which is which?

In addition, spending time with Cătălina in her lovely apartment, was such a joy.

She told us about her job, and how she loves working with children that suffer from autism.

Cătălina is that kind of person who pours her entire soul into her work, mostly to help others.

Another trio that inspired us to keep on searching for special relationships between humans and their dogs.