Diana & Luna


Here’s a charming couple of girls for you to meet.

 In this beautiful autumn morning, Diana and Luna overwhelmed us with their energy and joy.

 Diana is a talented photographer, who likes to travel and meet new people. If you visit her site – dianacostea.com – you can see her work and adventures

combined with her passion for handmade and graphic design.

Her companion, Luna, is a playful, sweet little beagle, that will be 2-years-old in a couple of days.

 Her puppy eyes, heart-melting morning faces, the sound of her paws when they play hide and seek, and Luna is searching for Diana,

all these small things make Diana’s life more beautiful.

Needless to say that Luna loves treats, and she’s willing to do every trick that she knows just to get more of them.

But even so, when she is outside, she can’t stay very long in one place, because her tracking instinct urges her to go and explore.

Fortunately we did manage to take a glimpse of the relationship between these two.

Ah, we didn’t mention Diana has a captivating and infectious smile.