Emese & Buksi


It’s hard not to fall in love with every photo session, and this two friends made it even harder for us.

Emese welcomed us in her home, and we spent an entire morning hearing the story of Buksi, and witnessing their joy of having each other.

Buksi is a mixed-breed adopted dog, Emese told us with a peacefull voice and a warm feeling.

He has this calm, independent and careless attitude, and with his sweet face he manages to get all the love from children and grown ups too.

He was one-year-old when she adopted him. Buksi belonged to someone else in the first year of his life, but in a sense he lived freely.

So Emese  gives Buksi the freedom that is very precious to both of them, and one of the most important things for a healthy relationship, we may add.

He stayed in her life by his choise… “This is just the way thing turned out, I didn’t plan for it to go this way.”

To be short, their story began when Emese saw from her apartment window a dog altercation between the dogs that were

 living near her apartment bulding and some other dogs that came in the area with a gipsy family.

During this altercation a car came and hit by mistake one of the dogs. By the time Emese went down to see if she could help,

everybody beside the wounded dog, were gone. Not knowing how the dog will react, she was afraid to touch him,

but went back inside to call for some help. Checking through the window if the dog was still there, she saw a little boy full of compassion petting him.

That day was the day she met Buksi, and received a lesson from that boy not to be afraid.

Although the gipsy family had to leave the dog there that day, they returned for him the next day, and decided together with Emese that it would be

best to leave the dog with her until he will get better. They were trully caring about the dog, and Emese was impressed that despite having many dogs

and having such tough lives, they did come back for this dog.

After some medical interventions and a healing time gone by, she decided it was time to return Buksi to his family.

It was time for him to make a choise.  Emese took Buksi near the spot where the gipsy family lived and let him go.

She waited for a while…

Buksi returned, making  Emese’s life more beautiful since ten years now.

We felt so emotional after hearing this story, that we just had to share it with all of you.