Lorina & Kiki


Lorina is a dear friend of ours. She’s a fun, warm, friendly and adventurous person.

Having Kiki is her life is a bliss. She doesn’t see her life without Kiki.

They’re alike in some ways, but in others not at all.

Kiki is a beautiful 8-year-old havanese (a breed of bichon type), and he had a rough time before Lorina’s family adopted him.

Now it takes time for him to approach other people, and to let them touch him.

Although if you’re around a while and he sees that you’re ok, he will let you play with him from a distance, throwing him a ball or something.

He’s a lucky dog altough, because the caring and loving family that adopted him is all a dog can hope for.

“As I am for you, you are for me. My comfort, my companion, my joy.”