About Us


We are Ionuț & Bianca, husband and wife based in Cluj-Napoca (Romania), destination wedding photographers.

We are two souls in search of light, love, and beauty, wandering the world to find them.

Our professional photographic journey began in 2016 when we decided to make our passion a full-time job.

And what a blessing that was, because that decision brought us closer to people, allowed us to spread joy, to talk about love and happy hearts.

Yes, it is awesome to find a way to express your creativity, to make art, to fill the world with beautiful things,

but ultimately, we desire for the things we do to bring us closer to people and closer to God.

We were made to reflect the image of God, and He is love, kindness, mercy, justice, goodness, creativity etc.

That is the pattern in which our souls want to fit, the pattern that gives us the right lenses for the soul.

We first see BEAUTY and WONDER through the lenses of our hearts, and that’s how we’re able to capture it through our camera lenses.

The joy of spontaneous, simple and natural things is what we seek, and that is what defines our work and our life.